server 1.0.5 problem

ai-systems@bk ru 8 years ago in Server Solutions / Windows Server updated by михаил кручинин 8 years ago 8

Why it is happend?

And i can not open 1.0.4 client project in 1.0.5.

Image 13587

Waiting for user's reply


What name your tag? Can you send us your project?

HDL-BUS Pro Network (UDP).HDL-MFH06_432 (Температурные датчики):Подача котел

Temperature on panel - works.

Any updates?

How to fix it?


Sorry for delay, we researched your happening. It was be related with "3 space (or more) in name of feedbacks"

Please, try to use this Web-interface: www.zip


this issue was fixed in las Setup 1.0.5

I have One box, and also tried trend on windows server...I also see the picture in this topic...one box has build