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How to read status of HDL wireless devices like 2-channel relay with 4 dry contacts?

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For the device HDL Buspro WIreless Relay:


I can act on the 2 relays in Iridium interface project. It find in scan, it is ok.

But is not found the 4 dry contacts that exists in this device.

How to read the dry contacts status in Iridium, for this device?

Thank you

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Try to add them manually. http://dev.iridiummobile.net/HDL#Read_Status_of_Dry_Contact

For example:

Hi Dmitry

Thanks for the answer, but I can´t make it work yet.

It seems that it is completely blind to the Dry Contact.
Please check the attached where I have a sample project where I followed you recommendation and also put a successfull relay control for the same module.

Detail operation:

When I HDL-search, it founds a 4-Ch relay (200/5). It works. But no Dry contact.
Nevertheless I insert manually the dry contact as you suggest, but no response. Maybe I am doing something wrong.

I appreciate if you can check it.

Best Regards,


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