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DATETIME on database

Francesco Zangara 8 лет назад в Server Solutions обновлен 8 лет назад 3

Simple, how to obtain a "human readable" date from DATETIME column? Or how to convert a "human readable" date to DATETIME column format?

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You mean in SCV file?

I extract DATETIME for system database with this code.


var db = IR.GetDatabase();

var tag_id = sql.Request('SELECT TAG_ID FROM TAGS_PASSPORT WHERE NAME = "KNX.UPS - Power"').GetRowValue(0,0);
var req = sql.Request('SELECT VALUE FROM FLOAT_TAG_HISTORY WHERE TAG_ID = ' + tag_id);


but i also open a copy of db with an sql viewer.

In same case i have an value in real format.

and if i need search a value by date, what is the correct query?

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