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Error install iRidium Server on Raspberry PI 3

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I have a Raspberry pi 3 and install it on micro SD card Toshiba 32Gb UHS-I. I install and run Raspian but when i install iRidium server and it run still few time and it restart. I ca'nt install it. I reinstall Raspian and reinstall iRidium server but it restart again.



it was a bug in the iRidium Server for Pi3. Oleg (one of the programmers for Pi) confirmed to me.

The timer for watchdog is changed in Pi3, that's the reason the iRidium Server was rebooting.

Please use the new build that will be available in short time: 1.0.6.-9287




Hello Theo.

I can't install iRidium Server completely. Because Ras Pi 3 will restart when I install iRidium Server . Can you give me link to download build 1.0.6.-9287. Thanks. I have changed micro SD : Toshiba, Samsung EVO, and I check list supported of Raspberry Pi. It work correctly. But When I install iRidium the Raspi will restart automatically.


Here is the file (see attachment).

Try it, and i'm sure for 99% that it will work ;-)

Why? Because i spend about 18 hours with testing and debugging, together with Oleg :-(

Please keep me updated the results ;-)




Oh Theo!

Thank you so much. I'll try it.

Hello Theo Derks!

Can you help me about setup iridium server turn on automation when raspberry restart

Then, I have a problem with login iridium server: I can't press the "skip" button when I start login to http://<host>:8888/ on screen raspberry ( as a under picture ) . when I press the "skip" => screen constant.

Thank you!

Sorry, i don't know how to help you :-(

PLease contact support



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