Scanning the Domintell bus with the new module.

Richard t Lam 3 months ago in Bugs and problems updated by Vladimir Ovchinnikov 3 months ago 2


Domintell recently launched there new master module the DGQG04. 

I want to scan the Domintell bus in the iRidium software, but  I only got an response error.

They also use there new Golden gate software. But when I use the old method so a DETH02 module with an old master the DGQG01 the scan still works.

But they are using now the DGQG04 module with there 14.2 Goldengate version.

I can only scan the bus with UDP or Websocket funtion in the iRidium software. Domintell them self say that the bus need to be scanned with TCP.

Is it possible to fix this problem?