Symbol fonts

There is a capability in iRidium of using Symbol fonts. With the help of them one can install various symbols supported by some font (e.g. different rifles, battery icons, weather icons) on the elements. To add the font to the GUI one should download the archive with the set of fants Symbol fonts.rar.
There you will find the fonts and the description of correspondence to the letter or the figure.
Then you should click the necessary font twice to install it, after that the window will appear where you should press Install. Or you can place the font to the folder with the GUI, e.g. "C:\Program Files (x86)\iRidium mobile2\Editor\Fonts". In the first case, the font will be available in the whole OS Wilndows, and in the second case - only in the GUI. And finally you should restart the GUI if it was launched during the installation.

If you've installed the font for the whole OS the symbols will be available for you in the Character Map, which you can open right from the GUI pressing Image 9445.

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