What is iRidium Util for?

iRidium Util is an app used for receiving serial numbers of controllers for Site Licensing.
Serial number (Controller ID) - the identifier you need for activation of an iRidium license for your controller.
Receiving serial numbers (Controller ID) with the help of iRidium Util is possible for AMX, Crestron, Weinzierl BAOS (first and second generation) equipment.

Does iRidium Gate work on Linux?

No, it doesn't. In V2.1 the Gate application works on Windows only.

Is iRidium Gate required to use?

You don't have to use the iRidium Gate application. The client communicates with equipment directly. But there are cases when Gate improves control capabilities, makes work via the Internet possible, enables connection of several clients to the controller.
See more information about how iRidium Gate works with different systems.

Where can I download iRidium from?

The iRidium components are available for downloading in the Downloads section of the iRidium mobile web site.

How to try iRidium Beta-version

iRidium Beta-versions are meant for testing new capabilities of the software package but they are not stable.

If you use Beta-versions you should be confident in you actions and save backup copies of your projects.
To update all iRidium components to Beta-version go to iRidium GUI Editor, open the menu Tools > Options > File Operating, mark the fields "Check Updatings at start" and "Check Beta-builds".Then restart GUI Editor and agree to install the new version.

After the download and unpacking are finished updated GUI Editor will automatically open on your PC.

How to make an Editbox

There are different ways of sending values from Editbox to the driver channel. Let’s examine three main options on the example of the Modbus driver (setting up for other drivers is identical)

1. The easiest way is to send text from Editbox by clicking Enter (the "Enter" event of the item)

2. The second variant suggests inputting text in Editbox and sending in by clicking the Ok button located next to Editbox.

3. In the third variant we create Editbox and make it visible only for the time when we input text. The rest of the time only the display with the information about the current state of the controlled variable will be seen. The Ok button also becomes visible only when Editbox is activated. It sends input values to item channels.

4. See the file Custom_Password.irpz. Here u can find a way to use the Editbox like a password field. It works with iRidium script [JS].
* you can also find your own way to create an Editbox *


auto saving, backup of project and restore

If you mark the corresponding box (Tools > Options > File Operating > Backup: []) in the settings of GUI Editor, then each time the project is saved the project copy will be saved in this folder.

The copies do not substitute each other, so you will have access to previous versions of your project. The folder for storing copies is called Backup. It is located next to the initial version of the project.

Auto-saving is not supported.

Creating your own themes for the installation wizard

If you want you can create your own themes for the new installation wizard.
Open the GUI Editor > Open Gallery > Select folder Themes > Right Click on the Themes Folder, and choose "Add Folder" > Type in any name plus the Theme.

For example, "My Blue Theme"
Select the folder you have just created, so that you see in the right pane of the gallery an empty space. Open any project. Drag and drop any Popup or Page into the right pane of the gallery.

To test, just create a new project. In the project Properties screen, click on the "Start" button in the Wizard section. Now  you should see in the drop down list of available themes your new theme.

MSVCR100.dll missing

Please install the library by following the link: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=8328. And everything should work.

Text field of a button - pasting large amount of text

GUI Editor has a limit for text on one item. If you cannot add the big piece of text on the item, please create a new item below and put there end of text.

Windows 8 access to network shares

It is possible that the saving project from Editor to remote resource works slow on Windows 8.
If the saving of project works slow, please save it to the local PC first, and then copy to remote resource.

animation effect scale

If you apply the scale animation effect on a popup, it only works if the ScaleX, ScaleY are left at 0.
In the field Scale XScale Y you must input value from 0 to 1.

Active Touch property ignored

In the current version the Active Touch property works the same as Bounding Box, it is not ignoring the transparent part of item. We plan to implement this property in the future.

IP Cameras Gallery

The gallrey of IP cameras implemented in iRIdium GUI Editor for this models:
- DLink (291 items)
- Panasonic (203 items)
- Axis (183 items)

In Gallery of IP cameras we use information from http://www.ispyconnect.com/sources.aspx

How identify OS Name in Client

You can use system token:

with Editor:
System Tokenes / OS / Name

with Script:


Change color backgroud for App

You can see 2 black bars above and underneath of GUI, if the resolution of GUI is not the same as a panel resolution.
You can also change the color of this bars in GUI Editor or change a project scaling from Proportional to Full Screen.
It can be made in Project Properties in GUI Editor.

Storing Slider Values in Pages

It is possible to create sliders or use permanent memory adresses to store
a set value within iridium even when the remote app is turned off.

Project tokens are meant to be used as permanent storage (for small chunks of data), see
Also, you can do this via iRidium API.

Writing Values in Project Tokens: http://wiki2.iridiummobile.net/index.php/Tokens_API#Writing_Values_in_Project_Tokens

Tokens API: http://wiki2.iridiummobile.net/index.php/Tokens_API