What IP cameras work with iRidium?

The important feature of IP cameras when working with iRidium is the possibility of receiving the direct link to the stream video in the MJPG or H.264 formats.

For example, the following cameras have been tested (not all of the models, see camera specifications!): Axis, D-Link, Panasonic, Vivotec,.... See more information here.

Do not choose cameras working via ActiveX, which requires installing the driver on PC. You cannot receive the link to the video from such cameras.

Here is the useful resource where you can see the list of camera manufactures and types of video stream you can receive from cameras: ispyconnect.com.

iRidium mobile is not responsible for your choice of IP cameras (recorder) and does not guarantee compatibility with particular models which haven't been tested by the company. The choice is made at your own risk.

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