How to make an Editbox

There are different ways of sending values from Editbox to the driver channel. Let’s examine three main options on the example of the Modbus driver (setting up for other drivers is identical)

1. The easiest way is to send text from Editbox by clicking Enter (the "Enter" event of the item)

2. The second variant suggests inputting text in Editbox and sending in by clicking the Ok button located next to Editbox.

3. In the third variant we create Editbox and make it visible only for the time when we input text. The rest of the time only the display with the information about the current state of the controlled variable will be seen. The Ok button also becomes visible only when Editbox is activated. It sends input values to item channels.

4. See the file Custom_Password.irpz. Here u can find a way to use the Editbox like a password field. It works with iRidium script [JS].
* you can also find your own way to create an Editbox *


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