General info about iRidium Server

The project is under development

iRidium server and i3 pro do NOT work on virtual machines

iRidium Server is a software solution by iRidium mobile, a new component which completes the eco-system of iRidium products. iRidium Server can be installed on automation controllers and platforms with different OS: Linux, OpenWrt, Windows, Android.
iRidium Server and the i2 Control application considerably increase capabilities of monitoring and controling automation systems due to the following functions:

  • Graphics and schedules
  • Logic
  • Data management
  • Notifications
  • Data locking
  • Integration with a store of ready solutions

Capabilities of iRidium Server prototype, January-February 2015

  • Integration of server functions into a project on the basis of i2 Control V2.2
  • Logic functions 24/7 programmed in iRidium Script
  • Saving data in the server memory (database)
  • Control and data analysis
  • Schedules
  • Work with data for building graphs in i2 Control V3 (beta)
  • Work with several systems in one server project
  • Remote access to the server

Intended capabilities

  • Integration with the cloud data storage
  • Email and text notifications
  • Push-notifications for mobile devices
  • Store of ready solutions for iRidium Server
  • Simple work with various equipment for control panels
  • Writing complex logics without programming in iRidium Script (visual interface for creating logic operations)
  • Auto generation of user interfaces for control panels on the basis of the server project
  • Integration with third-party applications and equipment
  • Built-in SIP server
  • Simple creation of graphs
  • Support of BACnet and LON protocols

Ready Software-Hardware Solutions on the Basis of iRidium Server

Being customized for work on the basis of an automation controller, the software-hardware solution iRidium Server enables work with ready interfaces and implemented controller functions.

iRidium Server on the basis LogicMachine by Embedded systems (EVIKA)

  • Use: middle-sized and large KNX, Modbus installations; installations with AV equipment and other supported drivers
  • The following Embedded systems controllers are compatible with iRidium Server: LogicMachine2, LogicMachine3 Lite, LogicMachine3 Re:actor, LogicMachine Re:actor V2, LogicMachine4, LogicMachine Load Balancer
  • Supported interfaces: Ethernet TCP/IP, KNX, RS232/485, EnOcean (in the future), 1Wire (in the future)
  • Supported protocols: KNX, AMX, Crestron, Modbus TCP/RTU/ASCII, HDL Bus pro, Helvar, Domintell, Duotecno, EPSNET by the TECO company, MyHome by the Legrand company, C-Bus, any A/V system (full 2-way communication), BACnet (in the future), 1Wire (in the future), EnOcean (in the future)
  • LogicMachine is a stable and tested solution on the basis of openWrt OS
  • LogicMachine includes KNX and Modbus ready drivers tested on large installations. iRidium Server works with these ready solutions: KNX and Modbus
  • LogicMachine can be used as a KNX gateway for programming the bus in ETS
  • Due to the current integration iRidium Server is compatible with future developments of EmbeddedSystems: LogicMachine Wall, new interfaces and new drivers (1Wire, CEC HDMI)
  • LogicMachine has a good reputation on the market, the controller is easy to buy and service
  • LogicMachine has a built-in watchdog (the timer for monitoring the device work), which provides the back-up capability
  • Hardware part of LogicMachine has certificates of conformity in Russia and the European Union
  • Embedded systems is a member of the KNX Association (Europe), the KNX equipment is certified
  • Produced in the European Union (Latvia)

iRidium Server on the basis of OnBox by Global Cache

  • Use: AV installations; simple installations combining AV+KNX/Domintell/Duotecno
  • Supported interfaces: Ethernet TCP/IP
  • Supported protocols: all protocols supported by iRidium
  • Design is based on Freescale i.MX2x (ARM9 core) Embedded Applications Microprocessor
  • Characteristics: 128Mb RAM (it is possible to increase it to 2Gb), SD-card, micro-USB, Ethernet, Linux OS, power: 5V, DC (the power source is included)
  • Stable hardware solution
  • Available price
  • Long presence on the market
  • Small size
  • It can be used in budget solutions with other products, for example, BAOS 771/772/777 by Weinzierl, Domintell IP interface, Duotecno IP interface, etc.
  • Produced in the USA

Ready Software Solutions on the Basis of iRidium Server

Software solutions can be installed on one of the supported platforms (Linux, Windows, Android) and used for working with data received from equipment and other servers. Ready software solutions:

  • can be used as a storage of data from several other servers
  • can be used as gateway for data exchange between installations and the external world
  • can be built-in hardware solutions developed by you, i.e. your equipment can be automatically supported by the powerful iRidium software package (OEM)
  • can be used with any hardware
  • you can select any operating system you trust and use all its advantages

Software iRidium Server for Windows and Linux

  • Implementation areas: high load installations (for example, office buildings, hotels, etc.) with multiple control panels, big number of channels/points, complex mathematical operations for data analysis
  • Recommended equipment: a powerful multiprocessor computer often used for intelligent buildings. For example: Intel NUC – a reliable product widely presented on the market

Software iRidium Server for Android

  • Implementation areas: budget solutions (smart homes, apartments)
  • Recommended equipment: built-in control panels on the Android OS (for example, presented by such companies as tci, Commax, Divus)
  • The iRidium application, responsible for visualization and control, is installed on the panel with the server. As a result the panel performs the functions of both the server and the control panel

Software iRidium Server for Apple TV

  • Implementation areas: budget solutions (smart homes, apartments)
  • At the moment Apple does not have its own server solution. So it is possible that third-party applications could be legally installed on Apple TV

Intended Software-Hardware Solutions on the Basis of iRidium Server

Besides Embedded systems and Global Cache negotiations are held with such manufacturers as HDL (China) and Yaviar (Russia). The server by the HDL could be made for HDL integrators and sold to them. The server by Yaviar could be made for the domestic market (Russia and CIS).

  • Implementation areas: middle and large-scale KNX installation
  • Supported interfaces: Ethernet TCP/IP, KNX, RS232/485
  • Supported protocols: all protocols supported by iRidium

Licensing and Pricing Policy

The information is under discussion
5 types of licenses for iRidium Server provide flexible budget solutions for a wide range of projects: from small apartments to intelligent buildings.
IMPORTANT: Licenses for iRidium Server enable control from control panels. There is no need to purchase any other licenses (iRidium Device, Site or Full)

Datapoints*5025010002500no limit
Panels135no limitno limit
additional GUInononoyesyes

* Datapoints - intermediate addresses with the help of which iRidium Server transfers data about the state of equipment to control panels. Only iRidium protocol and Datapoints are used for communication of the server with control panels.
** GUIs – control interfaces working with the server (not the number of control panels).

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