Changes in Transfer v.3

A number of changes were made in iRidium Transfer v.3 to improve its work.
  • "Update" button appeared in the bottom part of Transfer
Image 8809

This button allows to switch off (Update:OFF) or on the contrary to switch on (Update:ON) update of all devices that are located in Transfer at the moment. This function can be useful in this way, it will protect your devices from updating by accident when you work with Transfer uploading there project files and licenses. If you want to upload a project onto a device, and it won't work, check this button and change it into ON position, if necessary.
  • Device filtering is now available in Transfer.
    Now you can make visible only those devices that are necessary for your work at the moment. To switch on this filter, click with right mouse button on the required device folder in Panels and Servers tab. In the menu that appears select View and tick those devices that you want to make visible in this folder. Tick off the other categories
Image 8810

The following categories can be selected:
Show panels - show only panels.
Show servers - show onlr servers.
Show online - show only online
Show offline - show only offline
If you can't see a device, you are trying to find, check the ticks in this menu.
  • "Close" button appeared in search device window.
Image 8811

  • This version of Transfer can't open projects created in the old version of the editor.

    If you try to open in Transfer v.3 a project file created in iRidium GUI Editor, you'll see an error.

    Image 8812

    To avoid it, save your project in the new version of the editor - iRidium Studio.
  • There is one more change in the search server port.

    Image 8814

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