Settings for launching iRidium Server on the Linux platform

The following functions are implemented:

  • WatchDOG - timely relaunch of "frozen" equipment to recover its work
  • force - removes the iRidium process launched previously and the created pid file
  • hidden - launches the iRidium Server as Daemon.

In details: to use Watchdog, you need to enter the following command

./iridium --watchdog=[time in seconds]

For example: ./iridium --watchdog=10 this command will launch the server and set up the waiting time for watchdog for 10 seconds

To remove the process launched before and the pid file you need to enter the following comamnd:

./iridium --force the command will remove the process and the file and then will launch the server

To launch the server as Daemon it is required to enter the following command

./iridium --hidden

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