How to Use V 2.x Projects in V 3.x


These are insctuctions how to make a server and a client project in the new version of iRidium Studio on the basis of a project created in iRidium GUI Editor v 2.x

First create a server project (iRidium Studio v3.x) on the basis of v2.x

1. Create a File of a Server Project

Select "New Server Project" in the Menu.
Image 8767

2. Name a Project.

Give a name to the new project or leave a default one.

3. Input Settings of Connection to the Server.

Input basic information about a project and settings of connection to the server (can be input later).

Image 8803

Fill in the following fields in the Settings section for more convenient work:
  • Server host - server IP address
  • Server port - port for connecting to the server (by default it is 30464)
  • Login (function is under development) - loging for connecting control panels to the server
  • Password (function is under development) - password for connecting control panels to the server
  • System ID (function is under development) - a unique identifier of a server that will be used in push-notifications system and in DDNS server.
These settings of a Server project will be automatically imported to panel projects, assigned to the server project, on the stage of making a panel project. So you will not have to input all settings manually to each panel project.
See description of the other fields see here.

4. Go to I/O Tab

(more about tabs here):
Project Overview enables movement among windows of server settigns:

Editor window Server Project Overview.png
Project Overview:
  • I/O - Input/Output; opens server tags and driver tags for editing.
  • Config - settings of a server project.

5. Add Required Drivers to the Project

Drivers are stored in the Driver Tags panel in a server project. Drivers are added to a server project the same way drivers are added to a panel project:

Image 8948

Select the required project.
In the window that appears select driver/drivers required for work.
Image 8949
After the driver is addedm the driver itsekf appears with all commands. Settings are imported from the previous project.
Image 8950

1. Make a panel project from a server project

1. Open your server project. Click with a right mouse button on the project name and select "Create Panel Project".
Image 8951
2. Name a panel project.3. iRidium Server driver is in "Project Device Panel" of a panel project, The driver has connection settings to a server project (if you set them before), as well as all channels and tags.

To transfer the graphical part from an "old" project to a "new" panel project and transfer the new commands, do the following:
1. Transfer pages and popups from an old project into a new project made on the basis of a server project.
2. Transfer graphocal items from there pages/popups. It can be done this way: hilight all items with the help of Ctrl+A, then press Ctrl+C and to to the page where there itmes are to be used and press Ctrl+V.
3. In the created "new project" assign channels and feedback to the transferred graphical items, that appeared after a panel project is created on the basis of a server project.

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