Start of Open BETA-Test of iRidium pro (including iRidium Server)

Welcome to the open beta-test of iRidium pro!

Thank you for your patience!

We have been working and are still working hard to create a platform ot the new generation, that can solve a wide variety of tasks on controlling, monitoring, and that can be flexible and open for further development.

iRidium Pro consists of several components:

  • i3 Pro is an app, that is installed on control panels and available for Windows 7/8/10(included in the installation package) and for iOS (via Testflight - a service of early access to testing apps for iOS);
  • iRidium Server is a software server, that can be installed on the following platforms Windows (available), LM (under development), UMC (available), Pobeda (under development), GC (under development), Raspberry Pi2 (available) );
  • iRidium Studio & iRidium Transfer are development tools to create panel and server projects and to upload them.

The current version is not to be used in real projects, as the the format, the structure and script API of projects can be changed during testing and debugging. Thus, projects created earlier may malfunction. We'll do our best to prevent it, but we believe it is right to warn you about it.

Where to download and how to install
Intallation package for Windows can be downloaded here. (66 Mb)

The installation package includes:

  • iRidium Server for Windows
  • i3 Pro for Windows
  • iRidium Transfer
  • iRidium Studio

Read how to install iRidium Server on Windows here.

Read how to install i3 Pro on iOS here.

**Client for Android is not tested internally yet, and will be available later.

How to start using iRidium Server on your platform
* Manual for Windows here.

How to set iRidium Server with different drivers
* Manual for KNX here.
* Manual for Modbus here.
* Manual for HDL Buspro here.

Examples of solving popular tasks here.

What we want to test with you
We know that A LOT can be done to make our system convenient, but on the first stage it's impotant to test stability and correct work of the following components:

  • Driver system of the server and the client.
  • Script system of the server and the client.
  • Server database
  • Data exchange between the panels and the server
  • Stability of iRidium Studio
  • Stability of iRidium Transfer

Simply start making new projects with equipment that you have and send us any feedback and ideas that come to you during testing.

Write your suggestions, ideas, bug reports on iRidium Server here.

Next steps
When the open beta-test is complete, we plan to release the new platform.

The time of the release depends on the testing.

At the moment the release is planned on February 2016.

We are keenly interested in releasing a stable product in the shortest possible time.

Good luck and patience with testing!

P.S. To show our appreciation, the most active testers will get a PRESENT - licenses for the new iRidium product!

iRidium mobile team

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