How to start your work with the server

To connect a control panel, a server and controlled equipment, do the following:
1. Install the Setup: includes development tools;
2. Create a server project in iRidium Studio.

2.1. Create a server project on the basis of an existing panel project
3. Create a panel project and connect it to the server project.
4. Upload a server project onto the server (iRidium Server.exe for Windows).
5. Upload a panel project onto the control panel (i2 Control app).

General scheme of work of panels, the server and controlled equipment looks like this:
Image 8734

There are set drivers for controlled equipment in a server project Project.sirpz. It is uploaded onto the Server.
There is 1 driver - iRidium Server in a panel project Project.irpz, this driver sums up all drivers stores in a erver project Project.sirpz, it contains settings of connection to the Server.

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