Installation of iRidium Server on Logic Machine (

To install iRidium Server do the following:

  • Download this file - link
  • Go to LM web-interface
System Configuration->

Image 10130


Image 10131


Image 10132

Actions +

Image 10133

  • Select .ipk file

Image 10134

In the window that appers (file manager) select the file downloaded in point 1 and press Ok

It's ready!

To test that the server is launched go tho its web-interface. For example:

If something goes wrong and you can't enter the web-interface, reload the device. .

bin folder - /iridiumserver/
doc folder - /lib/genohm-scada/mnt/iRidium Server/

To launch the server via command string (PuttY) use the following commands:

./iridium - launch the server, but when a console is closed, the server also closes.

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