​Installing iRidium Server on Rapsbery PI 2

To install iRidium Server on Raspberry PI device, do the following:


Open WinSCP. You'll see the following interface:

Image 10068

Next do the following:

    • Transmission protocol: select SCP.
    • Host name: IP of your device.
    • Port: leave as it is.
    • User name: enter your login.
    • Password: enter your password.

Press Save.

Here is what you have:

Image 10206

Press "Enter", (if you entered everything correctly) you see the following interface. (The working area of the device is to the right)

Image 10207

Now you have to move the downloaded file (from point 1) to /home/pi folder of the device.

Image 10205


Open PuTTY

Image 10128

Next do the following:

    • Host Name (or IP address): Enter IP address of your device
    • Connection Type: Select SSH
    • Port: leave 22
    • Close window on exit: Leave Only on clean exit
    • Saved Session: Enter the name of the current setting and press Save
  • Press Open

You'll see a console interface with a request for your login:

1. Enter your login

Image 10127

2. Then the interface requests your password

Image 10204


3. Finally, (if correct data are entered), you'll see the following

Image 10199

Now you are on the device

4. Next install the packet downloaded earlier using the following command:

sudo dpkg -i <path_to_ipk_packet/packet_name.deb>

for example: sudo dpkg -i /home/pi/iridiumserver_1.0.0-5934_PI.deb

Image 10203

5. Wait for the installation to complete. As a result, you'll see the following

Image 10202

6. To check that the folder is created go to the root of the device. To do it, enter cd /, next enter a command for viewing - ls

Image 10208

7. Next go to iridiumserver folder, you can do it using cd /iridiumserver command and check again that you've entered the required folder using ls command.

Image 10209

8. Start the server

The server can be started by the following commands

./iridium - start the server, but when the console is closed, the server closes

./iridium hide - start the server in the background mode (as a daemon), when the console is closed, the server does not close.

Finally you see this.

Image 10210

9. Error

Image 10211

In this case, enter the following command

sudo rm /tmp/irdaemon.pid

Image 10212

It happens because you tried to start one more server process, that is already started in the background mode. Next you can return to point 8.

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