Set LOCAL/REMOTE connection to Server

You can control your server via Wi-Fi and 3G.
i2 Control V3 can work with your equipment locally and remotely. To setup remote control , follow the manual for your equipment or general recommendations on the example of iRidium Server driver.

Attention.png There is NO auto-switching Wi-Fi /3G in iRidium. To switch from Internet to the local net and visa versa, your project must have buttons set in aspecial way. See below.
Attention.png For remote control to work, open the system for external access, set Port Forwarding.
Attention.png To secure equipment from external intrusion, we recommend using secure VPN connection to the remote system.

1. Create a panel project with iRidium Server driver.
Image 8910
2. Add iRidium Server driver from the driver database
Image 8911
3. Open JS editor and make a new script file
Image 8912
4. Make two fucntion in the script fileи

function inHome()
    IR.GetDevice("iRidium Server").SetParameters({Host: ""})
function outHome()
     IR.GetDevice("iRidium Server").SetParameters({Host: ""})

5. Assign commands to buttons:

  1. Select a button that switches Wi-Fi/3G.
    Open button properties: Object Properties > Programming
  2. Open Macros Editor of the button for Press or Release event
  3. Select Script Call command and add it with a double-click
  4. In the dropdown menu select function name to be called. Create a command.

Image 8913

To set access to equipment from the Internet set Port Forwarding.

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