OnBox Firmware Replacing via Linux OS

Preparation for Firmware Replacing

Downloading programs

If you did not succeed in replacing firmware on the SD card via Windows OS, then it can be done via Linux OS. If your computer is on Linux-based, then go to "Preparation of the SD card". If you have Windows OS on your PC, install the virtual machine for simulation of Linux OS.

You can download the virtual machine for free here.

Image 12007

You will need the OS image.

It can be downloaded here.

Image 12008

Setting up of the programs

  1. Start the virtual machine managerImage 12009
  2. Create a new virtual machine
    Image 12010
  3. Mark the memory for the system. Be careful at doing that as if there is not enough memory the virtual system will be slow.
    Image 12011
  4. Create a virtual hard disk.
    Image 12012

    Image 12013

    Image 12014

    Image 12015

  5. Start the created virtual machine. Show the path to the OS image file in the appeared window.
    Image 12016

  6. After that, the process of OS installation on the virtual machine will start.
    Image 12017

    We recommend to install the full version to avoid problems.

    Image 12018

Preparation of the SD card

1. Disconnect the OnBox device from the power supply and Ethernet.

2. Take out the SD card from the device.

3. Put the card in the card reader connected to your PC.

4. Open the search window and find the "Disks" program.
Image 12032

5. Find your SD card in the appeared list of disks.

Image 12033

6. Remember the path to the SD card. In this case it is /dev/sdd

7. Section 3 of the SD card is active. It must be deactivated.

Image 12034

8. The SD card is deactivated. Delete sections 1,2,3.

Image 12037

9. Create a new section.

Image 12038

Now the SD card is ready for firmware replacing.

OnBox Firmware Replacing and Getting It Ready for Work

You can download the OnBoxsystem image file here.

It is important to follow the following sequence of actions:

Place the file in Ubuntu and remember its location.

Open the terminal by clicking Ctrl+Alt+T

1. Input the following command

sudo dd if=/home/user/Downloads/OnBox of=/dev/sdd bs=1M

- sudo - command launch as Administrator

- dd - the command of data writing

- if= - the location from where the data must be taken

- /home/user/Downloads/OnBox - the full path to the system image file

- of= - where the data must be witten

- /dev/sdd - the full path to the SD card

- bs=1M - it sets the unit size, i.e. the size of information read/written at a time - in this case, 1MB

2. After inputting the command click Enter. You will see the line for the system password. Be careful when inputting the password as it is not shown in the terminal window. In 5-10 minites you will see the message that the system is copied.

3. Take out the SD card from the card reader.

4. Put the card into the decvice

5. Connect the device to the power supply

6.Wait until the indicators on the device light up

7. Connect the device to Ethernet

If the indicators do not light up (see item 7), try to disconnect the device from the power supply, take out the SD card, wait a little and repeat the actions beginning with item 4.

If the device does not work or works incorrectly (for example, cannot be found in the network), try to replace the firmware on the card again.

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