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I've read it is not possible to write server channel from client. 

How can I then  SET settings on a iridium server???

I tried to use server channel/tag using Persist option but I am unable to write server channel.

I have server channel and server tag with a same name.

When I read server tag I get saved data. Unfortunately, when I write server channel, the value won't write to tag.

I am using win10 client and server for test purposes.

Oh my Gosh. I see. Create JS function, new Date() and insert it and than send the value of variable.

I must say, it is complicated. Moreover, I am missing default support in Iridium studio for insert  time popup. Something like in Android.

How can I read/write time value from KNX? How can I display time value from KNX? Can you provide me some examples please?

Thank you. You are right. 

Moreover, I've discovered, I need to set for KNX driver the parameter SEND TIME to 50 (ms). Default value is 0. After that it works as expected.