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А то, что камера стоит внутри сети, адрес у нее, допустим,, адрес iRidium server -, для того, чтобы панель работала при нахождении, допустим, планшета "снаружи" по отношению к пограничному маршрутизатору (например, не на домашнем wifi подключении, а на подключении к сотовому оператору) мне надо на пограничном маршрутизаторе сделать проброс порта 30464/tcp на порт 30464 сервера. При этом (поправьте меня, если я неправ) i3 Pro устанавливает исходящее соединение 30464/tcp на прописанный адрес, и по этому соединению бегает некая управляющая информация между i3pro и сервером. Как в таком варианте будет работать на i3pro картинка с RTSP-камеры? Или тут иначе как с VPN не вывернуться?

Hm. Does it mean that AV & Custom HTTP driver doesn't send Content-Type header in POST request?

Once again: Interval less than one day. For example: each five/ten minutes.

I've tried to do the same thing - create a test project with BAOS 774 and two Zennio devices (input and output), create a group address, assign individual inputs and outputs to it, export and import to Studio into KNX Router driver. Be warned: under the term "KNX Router" iRidium assumes any device that can access KNX TP bus from IP environment, either KNX IP Interface (Weinzierl 730 and 731) or KNX IP Router (750 and 751), even all BAOS 77x devices, because they may act as plain KNX IP interface.

Looking into this KNX project I mayonly say that you have a principal errors when planning your KNX installation

Why do really need to know which devices is used, if you only need to know the group addresses and the address of IP interface?

Can you maintain KNX installation via KNX tunneling from ETS?

Hmm. KNX Specification differs "KNX Tunneling" and "KNXNet/IP routing", so, using the term "KNX routing" in this case produces some misunderstanding, as we see above.

Aleksandr : Do I understand correctly, that turning off KNX routing on UMC also turns off KNX tunneling capability?

Preferred way to do so (for security reasons) is to use encrypted VPN to the network, where UMC is located.

If UMC is certified at least as KNX IP Gateway, Bus Monitor should work (definitely with ETS5, not sure about ETS4)