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In Android, device paths are similar in Linux. We can't know which way is in your case. If the native application uses /dev/ttyS1, then use it in i3 pro. Just disable the native application to be able to work with this port in i3 pro (the port can only be occupied by one process).


1. The i3lite server has been activated, however, I could not update the server. The server's current version is 1.3.5:17998 and the new version is 1.3.15:157. The update process keeps loading for 2 hours and it was still unable to finish the update process. Is there an alternative method to update the server?

In your case, you need to try to update the server version manually. As an example, you can read the instructions for i3 pro here. Instead of the i3 pro package, use the i3 lite package. Let us know if you need our help in updating manually and we will highlight your request in a separate topic for the opportunity to connect to you remotely.

2. Based on the guide (https://dev.iridi.com/HDL_lite/en#Adding_HDL_Devices),I have activated the server(step 3), but how do I add the devices? I
notice Step 4 onwards is using HDL IP gateway to scan the devices. For UMC server as gateway, how to scan and add the devices?

Devices can be added either by scanner or manually. To do this, add the "HDL Interface" module to the i3 lite project and try to find everything with a scanner through it.

If you use the UMC server as an HDL gateway, then an HDL IP gateway is not required (only one device sends commands from the bus to the IP network). Here are the instructions for your question.


If your UMC is configured as an HDL gateway, you can specify it in the parameters for the scanner.


When loading a new version of the project: the documents of the old version of the project are NOT deleted (they remain in the same directory), but the documents of the new version of the project are added (in the same directory). The current value of the variable for which the "Persist" flag is set is stored in the file "*_cur. per".

The list of files of the uploaded single project looks like this:

After downloading a new version of the project, the list of files is as follows:

As you can see, the old files remained in place, they have values for which the "Persist" flag is set, but they are no longer used.

Attention! Do not edit these files manually! This may cause the project to fail.

If you often upload a new version of the project, then use the "Store in DB" flag instead of the "Persist"flag. The DB file remains the same.

There are two options:

1) The IT department allows access to iridi.com for individual hosts (you can create a "white" list by MAC addresses). After authorization and downloading of projects, access can be closed.

2) Log in and upload projects to servers and panels from another network, and then bring them to a network disconnected from the Internet.


Host iridi.com it is used for authorization and related processes. Storing the project and downloading it must be from the location that is specified in your personal account.


After loading the project, the server restarts to read the new configuration. During initialization, there will always be zeros in all tags. If you want to see the values in the virtual tags that were before the server restart, you can enable the "Persist" parameter for the necessary tags or enable the "Store in DB" and "Load on start" parameters. This will write the early values to the virtual tags. Until then, there will be zeros in the tags for a short time. Therefore, consider this feature if you use zeros from tags in some conditions (in JS or Routines).


For hosts iridi.com and iridiummobile.ru, the IP address is used. If you can log in to your personal account, then look at the project storage location. It may differ.

Добрый день.

Параметры "On topic" и "Off topic" опциональные. Если для включения и выключения устройства требуются отдельные топики, то нужно указать их в этих параметрах.

/devices/wb-mrm2_130/controls/Relay 1/on

/devices/wb-mrm2_130/controls/Relay 1/off

Проверьте в mqttbox, добавив в подписку три топика для вашего реле.

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