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We have investigated the problem, but cannot offer a solution in the current product architecture. The fixes include optimization of the polling queue, but this will not affect the speed in your case. Unfortunately, we can't offer a solution yet.


We do not provide for the use of two iRidium Servers within the same object. Technically, you can use 2 iRidium Servers by connecting them both to a single panel project. However, the switching logic will have to be implemented by a script. In addition, it increases the number of licenses (each iRidium Server is one license). If you want to use access to the object via the iRidium Cloud Gate, then this access will work only for one server (which started last).

I am a little stumped with this when the product requires a checksum to also be sent.
var bytes = [0xFF, 0x01, 0x02, 0x03];
var string = '255,1,2,3';

var crc8 = IR.CalculateCRC(IR.CRC_8, bytes.join(','));
var crc8_s = IR.CalculateCRC(IR.CRC_8, string);

var crc16 = IR.CalculateCRC(IR.CRC_16, bytes.join(','));
var crc16_s = IR.CalculateCRC(IR.CRC_16, string);

var crc32 = IR.CalculateCRC(IR.CRC_32, bytes.join(','));
var crc32_s = IR.CalculateCRC(IR.CRC_32, string);



Read more about the method here.


In a custom driver, the checksum must be calculated only by the script.

Добрый день.

Для модуля SIP в i3 lite нет возможности использовать разные параметры подключения на разных панелях. Для решения вашего вопроса используйте i3 pro.

Hello, Dennis.

We need the names of the PTZ-enabled cameras, the video, so that it can be seen that this is controlled using ODM.
Then we will also need the logs from the i3 pro (go to the PTZ tab, use the control buttons there, and send the i3 pro log with what you received).

Have you checked the ONVIF scanner without a VPN?


Onvif Pro.irpz

You need the names of cameras with PTZ support, video, so that it can be seen that this is managed with ODM. Then you also need logs from i3 pro (go to the PTZ tab and use the control buttons there and send the i3 pro log with what you received). The scanner does not work via VPN. You need to disable the VPN and check-the scanner should work.


Yes, you can use system tokens (the script is not needed for this):

The same tokens can be used by the script.