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The Send method allows you to send an arbitrary set of data to the equipment. You can send GET and POST to the TCP driver. If you know the exact data set, you can send it "as is" to the TCP driver. IR.EVENT_RECEIVE_TEXT is triggered when data is received and only in AV & Custom Systems.

IR.GetDevice("AV & Custom Systems (TCP)").Send(['Content-Length: 0']);


"Content-Length" is not set, it is calculated automatically on the basis of request contents.

To track clicks on the item you can use:



This can be used with Virtual key, i.e. create a keyboard in the panel project iRidium.

Example of creating a driver to connect to Gmail IMAP mail:

var smtp_driver = IR.CreateDevice(IR.DEVICE_CUSTOM_TCP, "SMTP", {
   Host: "",
   Port: 993,
   SSL: true,
   ScriptMode: IR.SCRIPT_ONLY,

   Login: "your_full_email_address",

   Password: "Gmail_Password"


You need a IMAP client to receive emails and sort them by subject. You can implement it in pure JavaScript, but we do not have ready-made examples. Perhaps, you will borrow the decision from here.

Voorbeeld server project:

Na het maken van het script, kunt u de functie van de verwerking van de verkregen waarde in" Script Modifier".

U kunt sjablonen gebruiken voor een panel project. Voor een project server, moet u de "Script Modifier".

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What do you want to send to UMC? Video file?