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It's possible to do I think, but it is complicated because much programming is required. For example in app there could be window where you choose user, then you are prompted for a password and let's say if password is correct then some kind of token is set to certain value, from that with a little help of JS you can create conditions, for example if user 1 is logged on (token is set to certain value) then don't show some popups or deny some controls and so on...


I don't know about author, but I have similar problem: if my application is fullscreen (windows) and I use IR.Execute command to open a website, it opens up, but the application stays on top and I have to close it or minimise it to be able to access the website. I need that when I open website it would go over application and if I close it it goes back to iRidium.

If not stated clearly: i dont want to open the website in a browser, i want to open it and close it in iridium visualization