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Thanks for getting back to me,

  1. Just to clarify, I'm powering the sensor via USB not batteries(but has option to power by batteries) and it was awake all the time then.
  2. I only get new values if I switch the sensor power off/On again, and not when I restart the server.
  3. Can't see Motion binary state updated at all

Also not sure what you mean by monitoring the event from sensor and not status, this is native driver and I only see get state commands, and state feedback channels.

I'm using setInterval function after consulting iRidium support to poll the sensor every 500ms:

===========poll script============

var Zwav = IR.GetDevice("ZWave Network");
function pollz()
Zwav.Set("Get state (Binary sensor)", 1);
Zwav.Set("Get State (Luminance) (Multilevel sensor)", 1);
Zwav.Set("Get State (Relative Humidity) (Multilevel sensor)", 1);
Zwav.Set("Get State (Ultraviolet) (Multilevel sensor)", 1);
Zwav.Set("Get State (Temperature) (Multilevel sensor)", 1);
IR.SetInterval(500, pollz);

==========end of script===========


Sorry for delayed interrupt here, But recently I bought the stick for testing the native driver and bought license as well as I planned some permanent demo.

Anyway, I have to say there is a big issue with your driver as according to support "sensors that have battery power option doesn't respond to iRidium poll requests" and as far as I know all zwave sensors has battery option

So the result was that I'm getting sensor values every about 1 hour, which made it basically useless. Motion included

Not sure if u tested this native driver with some sensors before but I would like to know some brand/model if any.