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No, I dont know that .

Can help me on  how to do that 

Hello ,

yes the data which is enter is correct , i cheked it once again .

I have one more question , how can do the above in command an feedback drag and drop kind of??

Hello Dmitriy ,

Actually we have done some changes in fibaro module which is available to download as such i can send the command to (Toggle) from a Custom GUI and get back the feedback of that particular .

For Example

I have Created 1 Page named Page 3 , Put a Image in Background(Base Image)

There is one fibaro switching actuator say id(185-186), put the On image (named as ID-185-Feedback & ID-186-Feedback) of light which is visible when feedback is ON .

Create Button(named as ID-185-command & ID-186-Command) make its opacity to 0 .

Now ,When I Press the Button Command should go (ON- OFF) , and according the feedback should appear

Fibaro this is the project we made changes in Fibaro.js .but I'm getting error  


Please help me on this



Hello ,

Yeah maybe , can please help me to short it out .

actually the script is made Z-WAVE Fibaro-1 (1).irpz by help of one of the yours .

Can you help me ?

Dear llya,

Sorry for delay replay

I have tested the the project , I'm getting error in Fibaro.js line no 9 : tried null as object 

Kindly look into that , please help me to understand .

its very kind of you to help me this far .

Thank you so much