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we must to change solution for this project.
Next time, maybe we will come back with this software. 
Thank you for your support

Hi Tero, I tried. But it is still not work. You can check my attach for detail help me?


Dear all,

I attach file again

Please check help me. 



I tried as you told above. But, it is not ok. I can not send or receive any data.

Please see attach for help me


This is information in Iridium

Below is program in Twincat 3:

Test connection Beckhoff

I send to you attachment for detail our project.
Please check it and help me fix them

I need for implement our project asap. So, please give me solution 
Thank you

Hi everyone, 

I have the same issue Peter VG. So, someone could help us to fix that problem above 

many Thanks