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And where in de main menu can I find this new switch?

Thanks. Can this be added to the online documentation? Maybe on this page: http://dev.iridiummobile.net/Systems_API/en#IR.SetFullScreen

For anyone finding this topic in the future; the IR.IsFullScreen is a property, so no ( ).

Yes, we've managed to fix the issue by installing a new driver for the embedded Intel graphics card.

We've managed to fix the issue by installing a new driver for the embedded Intel graphics card.

This page describes the steps: https://www.sysjolt.com/2017/displaylink-opengl/

And this is the page for the latest Intel driver: https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/27412/Graphics-Intel-Graphics-Driver-for-Windows-15-60-?v=t

Color depth is 32 bits.

Do you have a test that we can run?

Almost 2 years ago, 17 up-votes.. seems like it's time to revisit the (static) list functionality.

Another request: please add a .Count property to the lists.

The feature shown in the screenshot already exists, it is to exclude tags (that we don't use) from the total amount of Server Tags. We have a project with 22 routers that has 154 "driver token" tags in use before adding any feedbacks, so we had to remove these Driver Tokens to be able to use a basic license (with 250 tags).

It's just that pressing the DEL key when I select one or more Driver Tokens does not do anything, in my opinion it would make sense to execute this "remove server tag" action when pressing DEL.

As noted before, resolution of the project is exactly the same as the native resolution of the screen and the resolution windows is set to.

The strange thing is, when i3 Pro is running in Full screen and I open a TeamViewer session, I see the Windows desktop (while i3 is shown on the actual touchscreen). With TeamViewer I cannot click on anything on the desktop, when I click on something I actually click in the i3 Pro application.

I have tried all the different settings, none of them work.