Your comments

Thank you Vladimir

Can you send me Google Home Script for HDL and KNX as well.

I didn't understand . 

would help me a lot if you send me a demo (example) project file sirpz.

also value of switch should be toggle 0/100 - now it toggle 0/1


Using Rpi Asterisk server is also good ? (So far i tried to setup using documentation you gave me but not luck).

i prefer using Rpi instead of PC

and i am not sure how to connect the 2n IP vero to the sip server

Can you please recommend  me which Sip server is the best to integrate with 2N and i3 pro ?

using 2n IP verso intercoom and Rpi Freepbx as sip server .

unable to make it work with iridium sip script.

any guides ?

So . is there RPi sip server for free ?

what do you recommend ?

is there any guide ?


For now better use Google home and "Set" Command.

Thx for the quick replay.

To control AC fan Speed or AC mode with macros i'll have to use active words "turn on" and then the macro name "ac fan speed low"

yes ?

Google home active words same issue . Or different ?