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can i merge it with i3pro project ?

add to a working project

Any luck controlling Fire TV throw IP ?

i have a project with fire tv also

My mistake i thought HVAC is for AC (HDL AC control) control.

is AC control is possible ?

i fixed the hdl Alexa Script 


for now light switch works great ( instead of 0/1 power need to use 0/100)

can't get the HAVC to work.

any suggestions ? fixed sirpz script will be great


by the way

it will be much more easier if you will release drivers(knx\hdl, ect..) - alexa\google scripts 

any news ?

it will be nice to use trigger like url scheme to jump between projects on 1 panel.

version 2.2 support that


thank you for your answer

what about google home iridium pro script?

please release documents for alexa/google home i3 pro 

Thank you Vladimir

Can you send me Google Home Script for HDL and KNX as well.

I didn't understand . 

would help me a lot if you send me a demo (example) project file sirpz.

also value of switch should be toggle 0/100 - now it toggle 0/1