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iRidium should be in that list, Sonos now helps company's with communication.

Maybe that's the way we can make a reliable Sonos integration.

Graag gedaan Rik, mocht het niet werken dan zie ik het vanzelf ;)

Dag Rik,

We passen dat hier in elk project toe en werkt top!

Bij de URL dien je eigenlijk alles in te vullen, enige toevoeging die wij doen is degene die jij ook hebt met de parameter die jij er ook in gezet hebt: rtsp_transport=tcp

Username password worden dus verwerkt in de link en niet ingevuld in de interface van iRidium.

Je dient je gebruikersnaam en wachtwoord om te zetten naar base64. Hier zijn tooltjes voor of je gebruikt de gratis online versie, bijv


Voorbeeld: “admin:admin” wordt “YWRtaW46YWRtaW4=”.


De rtsp link voor een NVR wordt dan: rtsp://


Channel = kanaal en subtype = main stream (00) of substream (01).

vanzelfsprekend pak je je eigen ip adres, eigen username password in base64 en evt wanneer je de rtsp poort aangepast hebt je eigen rtsp poort.

You mean test the app from win PC connected wired in the network?

Will test this, maybe STP is a problem?

Please tell me how to do this and with what software... I think problem is network because with same iPad and driver work fine... so only thing we then need to know is what's blocking the communication.

Switch is:



As said router is Fritzbox.

Hi Aleksandr. Yes it works fine with BAOS and modbus.

Weirdest is that it works fine in other networks. / with other sonos players.

Sonos players are all up to date. i have connect amp, playbar, sub and play3 devices.

License type is Enterprise_plus so that should be good i guess.

Hi, got one project where no sonos player is found. I added the player IP adresses in the script and still nothing found. 

Router is Fritzbox.

Weird thing is that i can work with sonos from same devices using the sonos app. It works on iMac, iPad pro 12,9" iPad 4, iPad 3 and iPhone 6. on all these devices iRidium doesn't connect.

in i2 sonos did connect to the players.

Any clue what's wrong?

When i use the visualisation in other networks (exact same configuration) the sonos app in iRidium works fine.

Can there be an internal networking problem? Customer claims nothing is blocked and there is no firewall or something alike.

Found another small thing:

The checked box is quite big ;)

This is usefull for installers who don't use script.

Indeed for 2 years... that's the problem.. in 2 years it should just be implemented but if you don't see the use of it fine. I just think these kind of things are going to make integrators go away.

This is not the first point where this happends but it's again and again.

That's why i'm not happy.