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hello i have follow step by step link but not success ....can you example project for connection local and remote server for HDL Bus Pro...

if i have project iridium v2 and then convert to i3 pro is it same settings connection control by internet or different?if you have example project for control by internet i want download for learn?

how to control device by remote server?if in the iridium v2 i use script for setting connections by iinternet and then i don't understood for i3 ?you can help me :'(

sory I do not understand about trial mode... 

and if i already exchange license then what should i do?

I have module MHIUO from HDL BUS for control curtain and I use channel 11 for Open Curtain and channel 12 for close curtain but i confused how to set program in iridium mobile for control curtain?? can you help me?

Do you have example the project?

Hi this is success eka thanks

you have example the projectt?

how to turn on the light channel using scripts? and there are examples of projects on condition IF,, ELSE and CASE in iridium i3 pro


This does not match what I expected,I want one button to turn on the lights all and can turn off all the lights