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ok sory now i can describe detail my task..

example describe detail:

if page one position for sketch image :

left 100

right 150

width 120

height 250

and then if i want show page two with token button. This page show with sketch image position different with page one into ...

left 70

right 100

width 380

height 750

so how to call script for show the page two?

Hello Ekaterina

This my Group ip.png but i can't connect to iridium mobile...


I have HDL clients who want to control with the internet ... but ddns I used might not work ...

try to check my ddns with port 6000

I am confused what to use? in a way that has been given

I have done to solve this problem but could not .... what you can send videos the way in mobile internet settings in iridium?

Best Regards
Feri Setiawan

Hello ekaterina

I have datashit about SB-IR-EM (Emitter) may be a reference for you to renew the Iridium program ...