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What about this?

Found it a year ago somewhere in wiki i think, can't find it now...



I didn't see the problem any more since we've installed 1.2.4. Also our customers with frequent problems (minimal 2 times a day) reported no problems anymore.


See whats happening: 

WhatsApp Video 2017-10-12 at 15.04.48.mp4

This customer has to delete the app daily to get it up and running again...

I think the voting system shows how urgent some functions asked by your customers are wanted. So I think that should have impact on your development plan. Maybe you are developing things which are nice to have, but not really needed at this moment, I think the people who use your software now can tell best what is needed or not. 

By voting you existing customers tell you what they need to keep using your product in the most efficient way. 

It looks like you are ignoring your customers and only follow your own plans. You give us a voting system, which doesn't have any guarantees, you might as well give us a roulette table instead of votes, it gives the same result and feeling.

Tell me, why should we create topics in this forum? It takes time, but without result, efficiency = 0. So it will be better to use my time for something else.

I think it's really stupid to put it like this. I am a customer, just like the others who voted. We need this function. I understand it won't get priority because of the amount of votes, but to tell it's useless without even investigate it is really disrespectful to your customers. We are posting messages here to make YOUR product better and more useful for the people who buy it from YOU. That way YOU maybe sell more. 

How many votes do you need Aleksandr? There are plenty topics with +20 votes with no feedback if it will be created or not.

I've tested with that version and have the same problems.

With Sonos version 7.4 and iRidium 1.1.8:12782 client (Windows) and 1.1.9:12918 (iOS) the list of players is not loaded. 

Used the project in the link in this topic to test.

In the log there are errors about XML parsing.

Please fix this.

I can confirm this too, client 1.1.8 looks only compatible with server 1.1.8 on this matter.

Tested on 1.1.8:12784 (iPad Air) and it looks like it isn't working. Basically I want to set brightness back to 80 %. And for test an log message to my remote log server. The brightness doesn't change and I don't see a log message.

My code:

IR.AddListener(IR.EVENT_APP_ENTER_BACKGROUND, 0, function() {
    IR.SetVariable("System.Display.Bright", 80);