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Yes, it is solved, thanks

Sorry for the delay. 

"If i understand you, you has not password?"

Yes, thats the only way I could het image. After some work, I could get it working by accessing camera directly (the previous link was to connect NVR). The worked link with password is something like this:


"In Camera settings window, press "test in browser" button, studio will open browser and open the link in new tab. Send this link here please" 

When using RTSP, it does not open in browser due to some plugin needed I think.

Thanks for reply.

With the disable rtsp authentication, I'm using like this

When RTSP authentication was On, I need to insert the Username "admin" like this:


or If only use rtsp://, VLC prompt to insert username and password.


Found the problem, there is something about authentication. After removing rtsp authentication it worked. I do need to use rtsp auth, any idea about solving it ?

Yes, its solved. Thanks

It worked great. I looked for "icon_map" but it has only 2 states (on/off). Isn't there should be other states ?

Thats was the problem. I tried iphone version and it worked pretty well. By the time this is what I need.

I also tried to create multiple states for "icon_map" and change it to multistate button but still not connects.. Do I need to make same procedure for other popus ?


Here it is the complete file. I captured using wireshark directly. is IP of PC running Emulator instance is IP of tablet running Kodi instance.

Configuration of Kodi was like picture you sent before.


Hi ,

This is what I could found about packets between Iridium and Kodi. I dont know how to "read" it:

Iridium --> Kodi 0m 0m D\HE4Ev@#tm? ? ?

Kodi --> Iridium D\H0mEl@@~#0fP{"jsonrpc":"2.0","method":"GUI.OnScreensaverDeactivated","params":{"data":{"shuttingdown":false},"sender":"xbmc"}}

Is this information we are looking for ?

I tried localhost:9090, but same result. Now I'm running I3 client from windows PC and tablet... also I'm running Kodi at both devices to try connecting between both.

At pc machine, firewall was completelly disabled. and result from tcpview was:

Kodi.exe 4112 TCP AutomantionNote 9090 AutomantionNote 0 LISTENING

Kodi.exe 4112 TCPV6 [0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0] 9090 [0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0] 0 LISTENING

Great software by the way...

About rawcap, I started recording some packets but I didn't understand how to read the file generated. I tried to open it with notepad.