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Your question seems a little bit -off topic- It has nothing to do with app switching/chooser.

The issue is: app crashes with cold-start and not in memory. See video.

But the answer to your question: yes, app switching gives a black screen when in app-chooser :)

I don't think so Alexandr.

Check the video (7 days from date post max)

Please build a fix. Thank you in advance.

5 minutes ago, same issue (26-6-17). Not the first time, experiences many times now.


iPhone 7

ios 10.3.2

i3 pro latest version

Black screen when booting i3 pro app. No bootlogo iridium, only black. Then after 10 secs, app crashes, but is still in app chooser available. So when I press homebutton 2 times, App is there! But with black screen.

Now, after 10 minutes, want to make a video of the booting issue. And.... app starts normally.

See also image app chooser:

[ sorry, this is not the correct answer we are looking for ]

The actual question is slightly different.

I'll try to explain again in another way.


1. We disable the system-menu option on the i2 Control client with system-menu>info.

2. When we now hold-press the screen of i2 Control device, system menu is not showing up. This is okay.

3. Now we would like to have the option to force-open the system-menu (while it is still disabled by my previous action), in our own custom settings-page of our GUI, somewhere by a button. When we use the standard JS function to call the system menu (you have posted previously), it doesn't show up, because it is disabled at step 1.

Note: when this system-menu is disabled in i2 Control, it is possible to open it by transfer tool. But we want to do this on i2 directly (like the transfer tool does)

I hope this question is clear and you can assist me.

All audio files are in the same local folder.

Some sounds copy, others not.

You can try yourself, you have the zip with the soundfiles.

It fails here, randomly, no doubt.

sourcefolder is local. Import when more than one file simultaneously seems to activate the issue. After import, SOME of the sounds are 0kb large. Not all, not the first imported, not the last, random.