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We use this function a lot. Currently it annoys users a lot. When is the fix comming
Attached the project sample.

I use IR.EVENT_LIST_ITEM_CHANGE event to determine if the list element was pressed. Then I am trying to figure out the event happened - IR.EVENT_ITEM_PRESS and IR.EVENT_ITEM_RELEASE - do not work btw. So I have to use numeric values 11 and 12.


The problem I am having is that event 11 (press) returns in any case - either it was list scrolling action or press. So I have to use event 12 (release). But that one somehow not always comes as Iridium confuses user inaccurate press/release with the scrolling.

Is there a way to ignore scrolling activity completely?


Are you sure that changing the numeric value to IR.EVENT_ITEM_PRESS, IR.EVENT_ITEM_RELEASE would solve my problem?

Once again - I have no problems under simulator (while using mouse) , however when project transferred to iPad or iPhone iridium confuses the list scrolling with press. User have to precisely select the icon in the list. Sometime he need to tap on it 2 or 3 times before iridium recognise the Press event.



Does not look like it is working. Attached a sample project that sets Hit = 2 to newly created button. But second time the original button pressed
macro function is not being called. I got it working with the workaround - adding listener to newly created button, but this is a lot inconvinient.


I belive this was my mistake. Was using hostname instead of IP. While hostname was incorrect. Therefor it was taking long time to resolve it.
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