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Do you have another (newer) release I could try?
I get the same error... It doesnt let me change the graphics card. (When I do - it comes up with the same erorr message as before.
The error occured just after trying to open an existing project

Same happens when I try - after upgrading to the V2.2.3.17855 (15.06.2015 17:46:25,63)
I see this post is 2 months old...

Now Windows 10 is out. -Any ("official") news regarding the compability with iRidium Mobile software ?

(Should I upgrade or not)?
Of course!

It was my own fault. I had to manually test some codes, and I did some editing in the actual IR code - therefor the code wasn't sending correctlyout on the correct port.

I forgot to check the port number setting.

To solve this problem I had to manually change the port-settings from;

THANK YOU!!!! Just what I needed.

(is it also possible to animate the pop-up "in" and "out" of the screen?