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Kindly Help me how can we add needle for indication of the level?

Thanks, Thanks a lot.. Helped me so much with your example. Got clear idea how to achieve my requirement.

yes... can it be achieved in iRidium?

No, This example is like image sliding.

OK. I will explain in depth.

in your "SavantEffect" example, take one image and for that image, if you zoom, you can move left & right to see the hiding image. Like that we are trying to do. You got my requirement?

Suppose when you touch and move the ipad screen from left to right the image also should move according to that.

Yes, almost same like your example. but that image should be room image.

Image sliding means, image move's when i press and move with my cursor and not 360 degrees.

Waiting for replay.


Am Just trying to remove that Element.png and adding "circular-selector-body 3.png" & "circular-selector-marker-hor 4.png". can you tell me how to do this.

Thank you very much. <3

OK Thanks Jackie.

Yeah I have added three lines.Am new to this design and then how to proceed for that button. Kindly suggest me.