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We have one Sonos connected to network. We control it on Sonos app. But we couldn't control on iridium mobile now. Before upgrade sonos firmware and sonos app. We controled it well.

okey, thanks. Not problem now.

good days.
Already, Android 5.0.2 okey. Wifi connection very high.

It is not still.

How to do, please .... 2. knx problem. gate knx.PNG



ok. I do it as you say. On the GUI editor side I use the Gate' s IP for itach. Like Below photo.

Gate side settings like below.. Gate PC IP iTach 1 iTach 2

Other question
I have 2 KNX gateways in the project. First gateway worked fine but second gateway does not work.
yes working. thanks.

itach.PNG 2 itach IP2IR. Port 4998. screen gate only first itach.

second not.
I added my licence file to pc. BUt it doesn' t work. I am sending to licence file and log file.
cubuklu.irl iridiumlog.log
knx problem.PNG when i run the program on the pc. (client 0 , not 1)
I use iRidium for KNX: Site License Pro(Logic Machine 2, 3, Reactor)

gate screen when connected from pc.PNG

when i run the program on the tablet nothing on the gate screen.

thanks your intersets...