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As I wrote above, we not will edit the module for Sonos at near time. We therefore recommend not to update the firmware.

Check connects with standard application Sonos Controller. At the moment we will not edit the module. As a solution to your problem I can suggest to revert to an older working firmware. Or try this module http://www.iridiummobile.net/products/module/sonos_by_rocfusion/


When working with the module, you must have at least one Sonos connected to the network. Our module shows the message "Loading" because it can't find Sonos in the network.

Он будет доступен в течение ближайших 2х-3х дней.


На данный момент ее нет. Но позже, когда появится поддержка Raspberry PI, мы ее напишем.

Хорошо, спасибо за информацию!


Unfortunately this function is no in scripts, it's only available through the Macro editor.

In your case I can suggest to hide a group of popups with the command IR.HidePopup().

Combining them one function.

For example here so:

function hide(){

IR.HidePopup("Popup 1");
IR.HidePopup("Popup 2");
IR.HidePopup("Popup 3");


If possible, try on another iPad. Will there be the same problem.

К сожалению на данный момент Header изменить нельзя, точнее нельзя дописать в него дополнительные заголовки. Так что ваш выход только TCP драйвер.

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