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Ok perfect. Just one more question. With the gate license will give me also the Raspberry? 

Google has got the Google HOME hardware. Can we integrate with it or the user should have a phone with iridium lite always on?


So can I also integrate the Google Voice assistant hardware? 

Hello Guys,
we are planning on using iridium with the support of google voice.
Could you please let me know exactly which hardware i need? for example :

if i need the google voice assistant hardware
if i need a phone with google voice installed in it
if i need a phone with only iridium lite

If i need the gate


Now you suggest evika, but is the same hardware .....

we have bought the hardware because you suggested in your website..... if now you have changed it, we have bought something we cannot use it

But i have installed it .
.....following your guides....

Hi aleksandr, maybe i wrote a wrong quetion sorry, i am talking about iridium server inside

LogicMachine Re:actor V3

Yep i was wondering exactly how to add the white to the color picker joystick. By the way, yes i have used a separated channel in the DMX controller, so i will keep using a level and a button for the white ;) thabk yo