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Are you running your server on linux? In that case you could "outsource" this to the linux itself via sendmail.

ok thx. i'll try to make it via a udp or tcp server and send commands on the bash/scripts via the shortcuts method listed on this website:

you have to base64 encode it. but i think the best way would be to install a separate sendmail instance on the same machine and call it from within iridium server.

there's a serious startup problem with iridiumserver on linux machines depending ethernet interfaces, i've sent a private message.

i know you don't recommend it, but for a secure installation its sometime necessary for make a remote connection on another ethernet interface.

What iRidium Server doing on Port 8443? I'am asking because thats also the common port for the Ubiquiti UnifiController, running that on the same machine is a common solution in an installation with Ubnt Unifi WirelessLAN equipment.