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yes i will check it. looks like you've already implemented it in the latest server version?

you have to base64 encode it. but i think the best way would be to install a separate sendmail instance on the same machine and call it from within iridium server.

maybe we should change the topic of the thread, because the "dry contact broadcast" issue is still open. thx.

i have currently no device here that broadcast the temperature in the new format, so the broadcast i have tested was in the old format.

is there a way to combine the two feedbacks internally? so, that there is only one "READ TEMPERATURE" feedback that gets all temperature feedbacks from the hdl bus? indepentent if it is a "old format" temperature response, the "new format" temperature response or a temperature broadcast in old or new format.

hi, so tested it.

a READ TEMPERATURE fills the "Read Temperature" feedback

a READ NEW TEMPERATURE fills the "Read New Temperature" feedback

a TEMPERATURE BROADCAST fills both "Read Temperature" and the "Read New Temperature" feedback

there's a serious startup problem with iridiumserver on linux machines depending ethernet interfaces, i've sent a private message.

i know you don't recommend it, but for a secure installation its sometime necessary for make a remote connection on another ethernet interface.