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Thanks Dmitry


I am running project on windows touch screen is there a way to bring up the menu with a button on the screen the same as F7 on key board




Hi Ekaterina


Have Found problem looks like in i3 in the object properties of a button we now have an end of hold command

In i2 the stop IR is on the release now it looks like if you hold the button you have to have a command on the end of hold because the command on the release does not work after you have initiated the hold command


When you upgrade a project from i2 to i3 the command on the release needs to be duplicated onto the end of hold when you do the upgrade because the release commands do not work after holding in the new i3 project you have to manually move the all the release commands to end of hold




In v1.0.5 I see if we right click on popup we now have add in popup group option and now have manage popup group window

Now when we open V2 project folders stay itact and can put any popup in any folder with popup groups staying intact

This is very much improved thankyou

There is still a issue with the Hide popup group if you create a new popup group you cannot acces any popup groups in the hide group command they have all disapeared fron the drop down box