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my issue is different. I get lists to populate.

I can get the sonos to work (iPad mini4, ios10.3.3, Latest beta i3pro)it displays lists and all functions work


i minimise the i3 application to the background, then when I go back to the application I have no control of sonos at all. If I close the i3 app completely, then re-open it I have full control of the sonos again. The iPad going to sleep has the same effect. Wont re-connect to sonos on wakeup

I have had this problem for some time now. There was a recent update for sonos. I installed that and still the problem s exactly the same

I just tested again using the the project linked to by Dimitry but it is still the same

the Sonos application on the same iPad works all the time


I found that the lists don't work properly unless the sonos application is running on the host computer of the music library

I am now have a lot of issues with this module

If i open the i3pro app the module works, but if the iPad is inactive or the apps sent to background then the app stops working.

Transport functions work, track selection works, volume works, BUT no feedback at all. no track data, no artwork, no volume level or %. no track time.

The only way to get the module to work again is to shut down the app completely the re-open the app.