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"You can also collect information from the database, making for example the XML file and send it to some external service to print. Again you may do it through the scripts."

How I do it throuch the scripts?

Hello Dmitry,

I am not in the same city of the project but I can give you an TeamViewer access.

Is the same computer

iRidium Server (build, Feb 27 2017 16:03:53) | Web-panel: v1.0.1.43 (Jan 31 2017)

On Windows 7 Profesional

I have the same problem: "When I connect to the server by webbrowser and access Work-->Channels&Feedback-->Feedbacks, appears a column with the signals and their values where if I push the button 'trend' display a windows where you can see the evolution of the signals in the time, however it doesn´t see nothing and all time appear a load symbol"

My Iridium Studio doesn´t has thats tools, I has the Version 1.0.8 (Is that the news one?)

With this correction the timer act well at the desired time but my relay didn´t work.

If I want to execute a command at a certain time every day, how would it be done?

Like turn on external light at 21:00 with a knx driver