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IR.EVENT_RECEIVE_TEXT receiving hex > 0x80

Mike Slattery 1 year ago in Products / AV & Custom Systems • updated by Dmitry - support (expert) 1 year ago 2

Is there a reason why numbers that are > 0x80 are received as 0 when using IR.EVENT_RECEIVE_TEXT? Is there a driver configuration that allows all hex data to be received.I need to setup a telnet session and have to parse through data like "\xFF \xFD\x18". If I use EVENT_RECEIVE_DATA, then I have problems parsing ASCII data.


Hi Mkie

Probably as you are getting into the extended ascii characters (http://ascii-code.com/), and it depends on what is on your machine if they are the latin ones or not

I suggest using receive_data, and convert from the decimal to hex using something like this:

      IR.Log("Receive Raw Data: " + data);
      // Data received: 
      for (var i=0;  i < data.length; i++){
            data[i] = this.dec2hex(data[i]).toString();                            
      } //for 
      //Converted data:
      IR.Log("Receive Converted Data: " + data);

The following may come in handy:

// Data Conversion Routines \\
var convertBase = function (num) {
this.from = function (baseFrom) {
this.to = function (baseTo) {
return parseInt(num, baseFrom).toString(baseTo).toUpperCase();
return this;
return this;
// binary to decimal
this.bin2dec = function (num) {
return convertBase(num).from(2).to(10);
// binary to hexadecimal
this.bin2hex = function (num) {
return convertBase(num).from(2).to(16);
// decimal to binary
this.dec2bin = function (num) {
return convertBase(num).from(10).to(2);
// decimal to hexadecimal
this.dec2hex = function (num) {
return convertBase(num).from(10).to(16);
// hexadecimal to binary
this.hex2bin = function (num) {
return convertBase(num).from(16).to(2);
// hexadecimal to decimal
this.hex2dec = function (num) {
return convertBase(num).from(16).to(10);
//**************************************************\\ // converts an array of hex or decimal to the \\ // the ASCII code \\ // eg 75 Decimal = K \\ //**************************************************\\ this.NumToChar = function(tmp) {
var arr = tmp;
var str = '';
var c;
for (var i=0; i<arr.length; i++) {
if (arr[i] != 0) {
c = String.fromCharCode(arr[i]);
str += c;
return str;
} //**************************************************\\ // Formats eg FF into 0xFF \\ //**************************************************\\ this.FormatToHex = function(hx){
hx = '0x' + String('0' + hx).slice(-2);
return hx;
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MQTT driver не обновляет значения после открытия i3 pro

i3 pro на iOS не обновляет данные от mqtt драйвера при запуске.

Например, i3 pro запущен. Включаем свет. MQTT драйвер возвращает значение ON. Выключаем свет. MQTT драйвер возвращает значение OFF. Закрываем или сворачиваем приложение i3 pro. Запускаем снова приложение и видим значение ON, хотя свет все так же выключен.

Возможно ли заставить драйвер принудительно обновлять значения с брокера при открытии i3 pro?


XBMC-driver --> Ready for iRidium 3.0?

Theo Derks - NL (distributor) 1 year ago in Products / Other drivers • updated by Dmitry - support (expert) 1 year ago 1


can our installers use the XBMC-drivers (created for iRidium 2.x) in iRidium V3.0 ?



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How to control KNX through internet by using knx ip router

Punith 1 year ago in Products / KNX • updated by Dmitry - support (expert) 1 year ago 4

We are using KNX - IP ROuter and HDL KNX devices are connected in the control panel , It works locally while we try to connect through internet it does not work, Kindly make a solution for it, Advanced thanks

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How to read status of HDL wireless devices like 2-channel relay with 4 dry contacts?

Daniel Petrini 1 year ago in Products / HDL-BUS Pro • updated 1 year ago 2


For the device HDL Buspro WIreless Relay:


I can act on the 2 relays in Iridium interface project. It find in scan, it is ok.

But is not found the 4 dry contacts that exists in this device.

How to read the dry contacts status in Iridium, for this device?

Thank you

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event driven feedback to subscribe for

andrey.senik 1 year ago in Products / AV & Custom Systems • updated 1 year ago 2

Hi Community

I'm making a wrapper to arrange array of identical custom AV drivers.Wrapper is needed to route channels and feedbacks to signle GUI controls that dinamicaly get linked to certain instance of AV driver.

I easily can deliver channel messages to required AV driver instance by IR.GetDevice("device name").Set(name, value) API command. But I can't find how to subscribe for feedback driven by change of AV driver instance's feedback.

I can use method IR.GetDevice("MyDevice").GetFeedback("MyFeedbackChannel") and loop for updating, but prefer to use event driven model.
Looked throug I found IR.AddListener(IR.EVENT_TAG_CHANGE, IR.GetDevice(Device_Name), function(name, value) but it doesn't work for feedback tags.

Please advise for event driven feedback subscription?



Получение глобальной переменной из Fibaro

Саня Маликов 1 year ago in Products / Other drivers • updated by Dmitry - support (expert) 1 year ago 3

Добрый день, подскажите как получить и в последствии переписать значение глобальной переменной в Fibaro через Iridium.


Интеграция с SIP сервером Cisco Call Manager

Нестеров Владимир 1 year ago in Products / Other drivers • updated by Oksana (expert) 10 months ago 2

На объекте используется SIP сервер Cisco Call Manager (CUCM).

При звонке на iRidium и отбое через посылку команды SIP.CANCEL сброса звонка не происходит. CUCM не передает команду отбоя на звонящее устройство (домофон или стационарный телефон).

При детальном изучении вопроса оказалось, что необходимо посылать команду Decline, чтобы сбросить вызов.

Прошу реализовать данную команду, иначе при штатной интеграции с CUCM мы получаем отсутствие отмены звонка. И как следствие интеграция с CUCM не выполняется.

Oksana (expert) 10 months ago

Здравствуйте, Владимир

Поддержка Decline добавлена с версии 1.0.11. Функцию необходимо включать в настройках драйвера SIP.


GC 100-12 Sensor ?

Yeliz Tarhan 1 year ago in Products / AV & Custom Systems • updated by Евгений Лешкив 1 year ago 3


I have a project. GC-10012 used. 5.Sensor

I did button type trigger. Value 0-1


Did I do the right???


Device 'Digiturk satellite' Power Toggle. Currently the program runs, open, says open . Close does not come off with the control information.:(