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Not a bug
Mike Slattery 1 year ago in Applications / i3 Pro • updated by Oksana (expert) 9 months ago 4

I recently added a new PC running windows 10 and have to run iRidium Studio as Administrator. When I add an object button with two states, I cannot get Text to show on the button in the GUI designer. It seems to be fine if I add the button without the graphics and then add the text with two separate graphic states.

Not a bug
ai-systems@bk.ru 1 year ago in iRidium Script • updated 1 year ago 4

Good day!

I have a code that create JSON.

var a = 2

var user = {




realm:"Login to 90:02:a9:c4:2b:a3",

random:"Login to 90:02:a9:c4:2b:a3",





str = JSON.Stringify(user);


expect to see in log - {"userName":"admin", "password":"569123A6421D6D392C469CA683504E66", "clientType":"Web3.0", "realm":"Login to 90:02:a9:c4:2b:a3", "random":"Login to 90:02:a9:c4:2b:a3", "passwordType":"Dafault", "id":"2", "session":2,

BUT i see - {"userName":"admin", "password":"569123A6421D6D392C469CA683504E66", "clientType":"Web3.0", "realm":"Login to 90:02:a9:c4:2b:a3", "passwordType":"Dafault", "id":"2", "session":2, "random":"Login to 90:02:a9:c4:2b:a3"}

Why order is broken?



it's possible now to drag & drop multiple feedbacks to an item, but this is still not possible with Commands...


- Select an item

- Select 2 or more Commands in the Project Device Tree

- Drag & drop these xx Commands to the item

- Choose the function (on pres/etc)

- Ready



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Андрей Курников 1 year ago in Applications / i3 Pro • updated by Dmitry - support (expert) 1 year ago 7

На серверном проекте создан

channel: current_source
tag: current_source
В клиетском скрипте:

1) Подписываемся на:
IR.SubscribeTagChange("Drivers.iRidium Server.current_source");

2) На нажатие кнопки меняем состояние current_cannel:
IR.SetVariable("Drivers.iRidium Server.current_source","что-то");

3) IR.SetGlobalListener(IR.EVENT_GLOBAL_TAG_CHANGE, function(name, value)


if ( name.indexOf('current_source')!=-1 ) {
IR.GetItem("Page 1").GetItem("ltem 1").GetState(0).Text = value;


В итоге на сервере current_source изменяется но результат выводится только на текущей панели. На второй автоматически не выводится.

Каким образом можно синхронизировать панели?

Not a bug
oggi katic 1 year ago in Applications / Studio (Server editor) • updated by Oksana (expert) 1 year ago 1

Hi there..

I got this error when i try to put codeset to Global Cache driver..

Its the newest version of Stuide i run

can somebody help ?

Oksana (expert) 1 year ago

Hello Oggi,

We have Studio from last Setup 1.0.5 and we can't repeat. Lately Global Cache Cloud (server) was not available, but now it must be ok.

Please, try again or reinstall Setup

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andrey.senik 1 year ago in Products / AV & Custom Systems • updated 1 year ago 2

Hi Community

I'm making a wrapper to arrange array of identical custom AV drivers.Wrapper is needed to route channels and feedbacks to signle GUI controls that dinamicaly get linked to certain instance of AV driver.

I easily can deliver channel messages to required AV driver instance by IR.GetDevice("device name").Set(name, value) API command. But I can't find how to subscribe for feedback driven by change of AV driver instance's feedback.

I can use method IR.GetDevice("MyDevice").GetFeedback("MyFeedbackChannel") and loop for updating, but prefer to use event driven model.
Looked throug I found IR.AddListener(IR.EVENT_TAG_CHANGE, IR.GetDevice(Device_Name), function(name, value) but it doesn't work for feedback tags.

Please advise for event driven feedback subscription?


Not a bug
Francesco Zangara 1 year ago in General • updated by Dmitry - support (expert) 1 year ago 5

With new version 1.0.5, channel not work.

1. Create a new server project (or use an old file)

2. Add an Virtual Channel

3. Create a panel project from server project

4. Connect virtual channel to an item (es. an Trigger button)

5. Save all and run both project.

If you click on button, the virtual channel change only on panel side.

Log on server side show "Change channel 9" o "Change channel 13" message, but on web-page variable not change.

Virtual Tags work.

Андрей Курников 1 year ago in Applications / i3 Pro • updated by Ekaterina (head of support) 7 months ago 3

Добрый день. Есть ли какая нибудь возможность выравнивать созданные через js объекты по оси Z (z-order).


Nikolay Rusanov 1 year ago • updated 1 year ago 2

Server can do data modification. Here is information about it. It can be used as simple gateway from one protocol to another. But every protocol and datatype require small changes, like scaling, name structure etc, so we need to do each script different way.

I suggest to have this topic as the place to store modules of protocols interconnection. As first comment I will post one module I have just tested. If you play with it and test other modules please send here, so everyone can use it.



it's still strange to see, that many icons are available without a project created (see screenshot).

Please DISABLE all icons that can NOT be used when NO project is created or opened...