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Not a bug

Creating a panel project from server project --> IP-address is not copied


Create server project with IP-address (in properties) to server

Create panel project from server project (using "Create panel project" option)

See, that the IP-address is not copied into the panel project, and by that reason, the panel project is not working.

Please fix: when use the option "Creating panel project" from server project, copy the used IP-address into the created panelproject.




Hide projects in i3 cloud

ofer 1 year ago in Applications / i3 Pro • updated by Kenny Stoepel 10 months ago 14


As i understand all my clients projects should be uploaded to the i3 cloud in separate folders,

When i swipe right i can download any project from the cloud,

It is not acceptable that my client will see all the folders with names and projects,

How can we sort thus issue ?

thank you

Not a bug

Macro all ways going to press

Maurits Roos 1 year ago in Applications / Studio (Server editor) • updated by Oksana (expert) 1 year ago 1

When you save a macro that is a release or hold when you use that macro to drag it on to a button it always sets it as a press

Can this be fixed so if you save a macro as a release when you drag it on to a button it will be a release not a press

Oksana (expert) 1 year ago

Hello Maurits,

We haven't function, where you can save macro "On Release" or "On Press", you save only command of macro.

Then, you can drag macro to any event in Proramming tab.

Please, watch the video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bw5TgGlnxM3CME4tZjFJbzBtcmM/view?usp=sharing


Change to registration page for end users

Jackie Roos 1 year ago in Applications / Web-interface • updated 1 year ago 0

Can we please change this page to clarify for end users who now have to register on the website:

To something like:

For users:

Process complete, you can now log into i3 pro and download your projects. Thank you

For installers:

Select one of the following options:

Join a company Create a company or register as a freelancer

Not a bug

Problem with DMX-feedbacks in Helvar Net (TCP) Driver > 255

Theo Derks - NL (distributor) 1 year ago in Applications / Studio (Server editor) • updated by Oksana (expert) 11 months ago 3


Please see the attached project.

It is not possible to create feedbacks with a device-number > 255. And our customers need that, because this is the DMX-feedback channel.

Please fix this a.s.a.p.; because now projects can not created with feedbacks > 255.

Test Feedback above 255 v3.irpz




Получение глобальной переменной из Fibaro

Саня Маликов 1 year ago in Products / Other drivers • updated by Dmitry - support (expert) 1 year ago 3

Добрый день, подскажите как получить и в последствии переписать значение глобальной переменной в Fibaro через Iridium.

Under review

[i3 Pro] iPad with LAN adapter

Francesco Zangara 1 year ago in Applications / i3 Pro • updated by Dmitry - support (expert) 1 year ago 1

Someone have already tested the i3Pro (iOS) and an ipad with a LAN Adapter?

It works?
You have encountered problems?

Not a bug

Сервер перестает работать

Богдан Меленчук 1 year ago in General • updated by Oksana (expert) 9 months ago 2

есть Сервер на raspbery 3 , после установки сервера нормально работает в течение нескольких часов, затем raspbery постоянно перезагружается. Без сервера raspbery хорошо работает. Проблема временно решается переустановкой чел.

Waiting for user's reply

Server losts connection to BAOS after a week...

Alex2000 1 year ago in Server Solutions / Windows Server • updated by Oksana (expert) 1 year ago 1


I'm testing I3 pro functionality (in trial mode) and found that server looses connection to KNX Baos after a week or so. It says in the log:

"Time of waiting for connection is over!

License of controlled device is not found!"

When this happens - rebooting of PC or Iridium Server doesn't solve the problem. The only way to fix this - is full cleanup (Uninstall application and deleting User docs manually) and Reinstalling of I3 pro software from scratch.

First time when it happenned I thought it was random corruption. So one week ago I reinstalled i3 pro software.

But yesterday it happened again. Server couldn't connect to the Baos!

If i upload the project to the panel without server - it works properly communicating with baos directly. So the problem not in Baos definetely. Baos is working.

Another problem:

During installing of application I point that server should start automatically after PC reboot. But in fact this never happens. I always have to start the server manually.

P.S. I run the server on Intel NUC6I3SYK.


Интеграция с SIP сервером Cisco Call Manager

Нестеров Владимир 1 year ago in Products / Other drivers • updated by Oksana (expert) 10 months ago 2

На объекте используется SIP сервер Cisco Call Manager (CUCM).

При звонке на iRidium и отбое через посылку команды SIP.CANCEL сброса звонка не происходит. CUCM не передает команду отбоя на звонящее устройство (домофон или стационарный телефон).

При детальном изучении вопроса оказалось, что необходимо посылать команду Decline, чтобы сбросить вызов.

Прошу реализовать данную команду, иначе при штатной интеграции с CUCM мы получаем отсутствие отмены звонка. И как следствие интеграция с CUCM не выполняется.

Oksana (expert) 10 months ago

Здравствуйте, Владимир

Поддержка Decline добавлена с версии 1.0.11. Функцию необходимо включать в настройках драйвера SIP.