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Hello all.. just some feedback...

The project is working fine for me on IPad Mini Gen.1 with IOS 9.3.5

With Iridium V3 Studio

and I3pro app Version 1.1.5 from 16.05.2017

tested with Sonos Play:3 Firmware Version 7.2 (build 35339010) / Hardware Version

I just get some scripts error like Jackie... Hope we can fix this too then we have a great new Sonos Module


IPad Mini Gen.1 can not be upgraded to IOS 10 just FYI

Thank you IIya Markov for helping on this Sonos Project, also thank you everybody else involved as well.

Oskana can you please move this voting to V3 forum. We don´t want it to be forgotten here. As we need this function in EPSNET.

Thank you

Hello Oksana,

I have question ... I was reading trough the documentation and it seems that all settings are done by hand, from us the installer, on the server settings schedule page. Settings like start time, end time and repeat etc. But these Values would need to be adjusted by the customer using his Tablet/Client at any time.

Is this correct or did i misunderstood something??



Hi Guys,

Based on Евгений Лешкив round slider i added some nest Background etc. Now if somebody could help me to change the position where the slider starts. Right now it always starts at the top... right under the word NEST but it should start on left bottom. Also it should not go all the 360 degree around.

Can anybody help me with that??

Here is the project. Nest_Trial.irpz

Hello Aleksandr,

Are there any news on this Topic ? We really would like to use the HUE driver in our new Projects but it is not possible to implement with the status of the code. I keep telling my clients that we can just offer this beta version without customization..

Also it keeps logging and logging stuff when you run the App. Like the below get send over and over which is not good as it keeps communication traffic up.

[08-02-2017 18:01:08.127] INFO SCRIPT analyze start keys: ["1", "2", "3"]

[08-02-2017 18:01:10.862] INFO SCRIPT SEND getlight 1
[08-02-2017 18:01:11.054] INFO SCRIPT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! {"1":{"modelid":"LCT001", "manufacturername":"Philips", "uniqueid":"00:17:88:01:00:be:19:9d-0b", "type":"Extended color light", "name":"Hue Lamp 1", "swversion":"", "state":{"on":true, "reachable":true, "xy":[0.5489, 0.3804], "ct":500, "alert":"none", "effect":"none", "bri":205, "colormode":"hs", "hue":7755, "sat":200}}, "2":{"modelid":"LCT001", "manufacturername":"Philips", "uniqueid":"00:17:88:01:00:be:26:9a-0b", "type":"Extended color light", "name":"Hue Lamp 2", "swversion":"", "state":{"on":true, "reachable":false, "xy":[0.2127, 0.1297], "ct":344, "alert":"none", "effect":"none", "bri":237, "colormode":"hs", "hue":38837, "sat":254}}, "3":{"modelid":"LCT001", "manufacturername":"Philips", "uniqueid":"00:17:88:01:00:b2:7b:5b-0b", "type":"Extended color light", "name":"Hue Lamp 3", "swversion":"", "state":{"on":true, "reachable":false, "xy":[0.2127, 0.1297], "ct":344, "alert":"none", "effect":"none", "bri":138, "colormode":"hs", "hue":0, "sat":254}}}

Hi Alexandr,

Thank you for your reply. I am surprised you say you can not include this. Don´t you think this is kind of important addition to be able to work with Iridium ?

Hi Khurram,

My Problem was 2 things you need to copy the new popup "Weather_Add_City" because it was changed a bit in the new version.

Also i kept the old script and just renamed it. That was causing the mayor Issue. Delete any old script relating to Yahoo Weather up and only use the new script.

Hi guys,

I was reading this and i want to write some words about the last comment... (Sorry for the long text).

I am also eager of some things to be finally implemented.(Especially when its about EPSNET.) I have been with Iridium since the beginning. And many times i am frustrated that things take so long to be implement and i also complain in this forum. But you also have to think about how big the company is and how many workforce do they have. They are not Microsoft.

So things take longer and seeing Iridium growing from a simple GUI software to a full fledged Software tool is quite amazing. Also don´t forget their support is quite good... if something is not working the try to fix it with you together until its done.

Saying that it is a matter of profit is not fair at all. Iridium pricing has always been transparent and fair. (Example see recent changes where they went back to say that SIP Protocol and other parts will be included in the price of one licence.) I think this was a good step and fair for everybody.

Now a Issue i agree with you is that I do understand that Iridium tries to innovative with new functions ever year.

And what i feel a problem might be is that over the years since Iridium Version 1 we kept moving forward to a more and more complex Tool, so i personally think we should stick with what we have for now and keep perfecting it before moving on into more and more functions but leaving half finished versions behind.

That´s the only worry i have at the moment.

So you have to put everything into context when complaining. If they had lots and lots of workforce you would pay lots and lots for a licence.

I would also need this function. To be able to handle SMS Functions send to PLC. This thread is for Version V2.2 but we need it now for the new Version 3.